AIS Member & Research Conduct

The Association for Information Systems (AIS) is committed to leading and promoting excellence in information systems education and scholarship and strives to cultivate a community by providing services and products to met the diverse needs of members and related communities. As such, AIS members agree to uphold the general ethical principles, professional responsibilities, and professional leadership principles outlined in the Member Code of Conduct and the Research Code of Conduct.

If misconduct is observed or reported and there is any question of physical danger, please take steps to ensure the immediate safety of all involved regardless of complaint procedures that may follow.

Member Code of Conduct

Research Code of Conduct

Each AIS member should encourage and support adherence by all computing professionals regardless of AIS membership. AIS members who recognize breaches of the Member Code of Conduct or the Research Code of Conduct should take actions to resolve the ethical issues they recognize, including, when reasonable, expressing their concern to the person or persons thought to be violating the codes. AIS members who recognize a breach of the Codes should consider reporting the violation appropriate AIS conduct committee which may result in remedial measures which may include, but are not limited to, member censure, suspension, or expulsion.